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from Tiffani Bradberry, Activity Director

February 2007

We have been enjoying the "love month"! The last few days have been so beautiful, with the warmer temperatures and sunshine. Seems like it has been forever since we have had more than one consecutive day of sunshine.

We have many things to share with you this time, starting with the second week of February. It was a busy week, with the Church of Christ starting it off on Monday with Bingo. We also celebrated "Chocolate Lovers Month" by having hot fudge sundaes with all the trimmings. They were yummy! I can't think of a better way to start a week than by playing Bingo and eating Blue Bell, can you? Fairdale Baptist Church came to brighten our Tuesday with singing, Bible study and crafts. During our craft class the resident's decorated cup cakes for Valentine's and we all sampled the finish products. Again, yummy! I see a theme starting to develop here. On Thursday our friends from Yellowpine Baptist Church came to share with us. And yes, Bro. Joe Lord did play our organ as he promised, and he did a great job. That organ was donated to us a few years ago by Miss Kitty Jackson, and Bro. Lord was the first to tackle it. The Hemphill Garden Club came that afternoon and assisted the residents with planting bulbs to grow in their rooms. They sat them atop water and rocks in little vases, and they have really taken off. My thumb is absolutely black, so I'm no good at helping in the gardening department at all. Thank God for the Garden Club! We got to play our favorite game, Bingo, again on Friday, this time with the American Legion. Of course we had to have some of their homemade cookies they always bring too. Bingo with cookies, it's almost a staple, right? Of course the First Baptist Church came on Sunday for our morning worship services, completing a good week. Special thanks to everyone who came out to make our days full and fun.

Monday the 12th it was Parkway Baptist Church that started things off with singing and Bingo. We really could play that game every day and not tire of it. We could also spend time daily with the fine folks from Parkway, they are so much fun. Along with being Chocolate Lover's Month, February is also "Potato Lover's Month'. We mustn't let these special and important occasions pass without giving them the proper recognition, right? So, we had a potato chip party. I guess we had just about every brand made and were allowed to pick a bag, or three, of our favorites to eat that afternoon. I can't wait to see what March has to celebrate. Tuesday Fairdale Baptist Church and the Craft Gang were back with us, and we had a great morning sharing God's word and creating more valentine's for our resident's to share with their loved ones. It got us ready for the big bang of the week, the Valentine's party, on Wednesday the 14th. Our own Charlotte Henry made most of the refreshments, including brownies, cookies and homemade chocolate truffles. We also had pretzels dipped in white chocolate. I would not of thought of those two things together, but learned not to knock it until you've tried it, they were delicious! Marti Bible entertained with 50's style love songs that she sang for us. It was her debut, and she did a great job. The resident's are wanting her to come back soon and sing again. Special thanks to the VFW Ladies Auxiliary Post 10351 for coming to help, and bringing Valentine gifts to all our folks. We can always count on them to help with our parties, and they always have something special for our resident's. We always crown a King & Queen for the occasion, and this year they were Bro. R. L. Tate and Mrs. Jewel Weeks. They are both so sweet to everyone, and made a great King & Queen. More special thanks go to the folks at the Bronson Post Office who donated postal materials to decorate our "Valentine Post Office". It was set up all month, and each person had their own little 'mail slot' that were emptied during the party. Everyone had a pile of Valentine's to read, and in some cases, eat! Again, I have to thank Charlotte for helping me set up the post office, she is so talented. The party was terrific, thanks to everyone who helped to make it so, and we spent the rest of the week just floating on wings of love! We weren't done having a good time though, the Church of Christ hosted an old fashioned lobby singing that week. We always look forward to spending time with them, whether it's for singing or bingo. Naturally the First Baptist Church was here on that Sunday for morning worship. It is so important to our residents that they are able to attend services, and so many of them are unable to leave our home to attend. It was another great week, and we just thank all who came to make it so.

We've been busy this week too, and had the terrific spring-like weather to boot. Monday the 19th, our bingo games were hosted by the Church of Christ. Our resident's just love winning the neat prizes they bring, and getting bananas too. Tuesday our friends from Fairdale were here with a very large group to sing and share with us. With Peggy on the piano and Butch the guitar, the music was great. We kept it going Wednesday when the First United Methodist Church came and brought special guest from the Rayburn Dulcimer group to perform for us. They have been here once before and our folks just love them. I had never even heard of such an instrument until they introduced us to them. They promised to come back again soon, we sure hope they do. Thursday, Sis Morton from Pine Park Pentecostal Church came to host our monthly Resident's Birthday party. Honorees for the month were Jerry Swift, Barbara Bickerstaff, Richards Swice and David Banister. Happy birthday again all! Sis. Morton makes the best cakes for our party each month and we sure enjoy spending that time with her. Today is Friday the 23rd, and we are getting ready to have our First Annual Chili Cook-Off. Several staff members have been preparing their favorite recipes, and the men from our home are going to judge for first and second places. I'll announce the winners next time.

Before I close, I want to talk just a minute about our hairdresser, Patsy Clark. I don't suppose we give Patsy enough credit or attention, she works so quietly and asks for no thank you's. Recently, she has been in the process of giving our beauty shop an 'extreme make-over' , and it looks terrific in there! Patsy has installed all new equipment, painted, wall-papered and re-decorated. She enlisted the help of James Tuttle to build new counters and shelves. He did a great job, and volunteered his labor. We just can't thank him enough for that. Patsy is really amazing, and so good to us and our residents here. She is here each Tuesday doing hair and helping people feel pretty. We just love Patsy around here, and really want to thank her for all the things she does that are so special.

And that about does it for our news this time. With February about over I can't wait to see what fun things March will bring. Stay tuned, and we'll sure share our blessings with you. Until next time, take care and may God bless you.

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